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Our sustainability mission intends to integrate media, technology and sustainability in ‘connecting all brand and sustainability leaders to work together to build a sustainable environment for the betterment of the future’. Today CSR and Sustainability concepts are firmly implanted in the conventional business strategies and practices unlike earlier where they were considered as ‘trends’. We consider giving back to the community and our environment as of utmost importance, thereby the Wire Foundation was initiated. We also encourage our valuable clientele to take steps today to make a better tomorrow. Our team members play an active role in these initiatives and look forward towards making an impact in the lives of the community members and the natural habitats.
Constant sharing and updating of knowledge to all stakeholders on how they can contribute to building a more sustainable brand converging Digital Media and Technology.
PR Wire Community
We utilize our expertise and resources to improve various aspects of the community and ensure that the future generation has the same as or even more resources and capabilities than the current generation. Education of the future of SriLanka is a key project that our foundation is engaged in. 
PR Wire Green
We are the only Public Relations firm to be Carbon Neutral Certified. Through protecting and preserving the environment that we operate in, we engineer awareness and need around the growing urgency to save the environment, improving processes and combat climate change.
Wire Foundation
As part of our sustainability mission at Wire Foundation we continue to focus on making an impact to our nation’s education. While we engage in one off CSR projects, we also look into long term relationships with the community where we could especially nurture the young and the youth to assist in their upbringing to ensure that they positively contribute to the society.
“Project Kalugala” – Launched in 2016 to build 40 class rooms for students of Kalugala Vidyalaya and was completed in 2018. These classrooms have ensured that the children are protected from sun and rain during lessons and have a long term impact for a number of generations. We are proud to be a part of empowering the young ones in their journey to win the world.
“Project Mahakumbura” – Supported two deserving children with deaf parents in Mahakumbura to construct a house in 2019. These parents are committed to fulfill the needs of their blessed kids and we lent a helping hand to make one of their dreams come true. Today they live happily under one roof despite the difficulties faced due to the parents’ disabilities. We will forever cherish the smile on the faces of the young ones at the house warming ceremony.